Saved more than 1.8 million liters with NESS Technology

Saved more than 1.8 million liters with NESS Technology

Summer, high temperatures and lack of rainfall once again underline the importance of good water use and conservation. A recent study by Métrica6 shows that since the launch of NESS Technology in Spain, more than 1.8 million litres of drinking water have been saved. Good news for the planet and the environment.

In the domestic sphere, it is important to raise awareness about the use of water in a sustainable and responsible manner, and to implement the necessary measures to reduce water consumption. Although consumption is reduced, wastewater is irremediably produced, water that can be reused in homes, crops, parks and gardens, in industry, etc.. The World Water Day organisation comments that the water cycle can be improved to make it much more sustainable, which results in many benefits for living beings.

Point six of the Sustainable Development Goals, ‘Clean Water and Sanitation’ explains that in order to ensure universal access to safe and affordable drinking water by 2030 for all people, much more needs to be invested in infrastructure, sanitation facilities and the promotion of hygienic practices in all senses. In order to cope with water scarcity, it is imperative to protect and restore water-related ecosystems, cooperate internationally to stimulate water efficiency and support treatment technologies in developing countries.

Effective innovation

On the part of Métrica6 you already know the technological innovation that we offer with the NESS system. It is a device that avoids the waste of liters and liters of water while waiting for the arrival of hot flow to the taps of the home. Through a novel mechanism of at least three modules -Activator, Bypass and Power module- the recirculation of the water is achieved so that it comes out hot instantly when the tap is opened, without wasting a single drop. With NESS Technology, the water bill is reduced by up to 53%; it avoids the waste of 1,000 litres per person per month by collaborating with the environment; and it means an increase in relaxation and comfort in the home with instant hot water.