Self-installable High power Module

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The Self-installable High Power Module is attached to the cold water inlet of the heater and is responsible for pumping hot water during recirculation. Its use is optional, depending on the characteristics of the home. It has the same functions as the Power Module but with a higher flow rate and height.

It is Self-installable, you can easily install it yourself.


The Waisense Comfort Self-Installable High Power Module complements the Self-Installable High Power Kit or the Self-Installable High Power Kit with On-Battery Activator.


  • Tacos: Yes
  • Screws: Yes
  • Number of push-in fittings: Yes, 2 (1/″)
  • Trim Caps: No
  • Plugs: No


  • Weight 5.4kg
  • Voltage 230V
  • Frequency 50-60Hz
  • Intensity 1.50A
  • Wiring (3m – 3×1.5mm2):
    • BLUE: Neutral
    • BLACK OR BROWN: Phase
    • GREEN AND YELLOW: Ground
  • Maximum Power 350W
  • Nominal Power 320W
  • Minimum Power 160W
  • Standby Power <2W
  • Maximum Height 15mWC
  • Maximum Flowrate 75l/min
  • Maximum operating pressure 800kPa
  • Operating temperature range 0-35°C
  • Protection thermostat limit 70°C
  • Maximum temperature 110°C
  • Estimated wireless communication range 25m

Additional information

Weight 5,5 kg


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