WAISENSE: saving water in a smart way

WAISENSE is a technology that adapts to different sectors whose main objective is to help save water and enhance sustainability.

smart water

What is waisense comfort?

WAISENSE COMFORT is one of the leading water home automation solutions with WAISENSE technology for the home.

  • You waste litres of water (and not just €, water is a limited resource!)
  • You waste time waiting or having to be attentive.
  • Water does not come out at the desired temperature from the start.

WAISENSE COMFORT avoids wasting cold water and unnecessary waiting time. WAISENSE COMFORT is for you!

grifo usándose con waisense confort para ahorrar agua

WAISENSE adapts to you

for all types of homes and businesses

WAISENSE COMFORT is a highly adaptable solution. Not only for homes but also for a business or for new developments and constructions that want a differentiation in their project.

This home automation device adds a value of comfort and sustainability unique.

una mano usando el sistema waisense confort

Efficiency and savings


A zero consumption appliance

WAISENSE COMFORT is an efficient system that delivers higher savings (water bill) than the energy consumption (electricity) it produces.

Annual water bill
Electricity consumption Year
CO Emissions 2 /Year

Innovation and sustainability

New projects for better resource management

Did you know that water scarcity is a growing problem?

According to the UN, by 2050, water reserves will only cover half of the planet’s needs.

This is why WAISENSE continues to evolve thanks to its intense R+D+I activity, developing new solutions to save water. in cities, crops, and other environments.

Ahorrar agua mediante sistemas de riego inteligente

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planos para la instalación de el sistema waisense

International award-winning technology

Since its inception in 2012, WAISENSE technology has received a multitude of awards and recognitions for its business activity, social and environmental impact, both nationally and internationally. It is also a technology supported by the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism and funded by the European Union – Next Generation EU.

Waisense has been a beneficiary of the European Regional Development Fund whose objective is to research, develop and validate a mobile application to manage and control the functions of WAISENSE® technology related to the construction sector as well as to extend the base of the developed mobile application to manage and control the functions of the hardware modules related to the agriculture sector during the years 2020-2022″.

European Regional                                                                        Development Fund A way of doing Europe