The last time you took a shower, you threw away 25 liters of water waiting for it to heat up.

Would you like to have avoided it?

The last time you took a shower you threw away 25 litres of water waiting for it to heat up.

Would you like to avoid it?


waisense comfort

What is it?

WAISENSE COMFORT is a home automation system that avoids wasting cold water every time you want to use hot water.

With WAISENSE COMFORT you save 25 litres of water every time you use it.

WAISENSE COMFORT provides you with:

Hot water without waiting

Make yourself a cup of coffee or choose the clothes you’re going to wear without having to watch out for falling water. By the time you get back, it will be ready for you to wear.

activador waisense instalado en la pared

Water saving system

How does it work?

A swipe of the hand over the activator module, similar to a switch, starts the recirculation system.

As long as the activator light is blue, it means that hot water is coming from the heater to the point of consumption (faucet or shower).

In the meantime, you can do something else. It will take as long as you currently have to wait for the hot water to come out.

When the light turns red, all we have to do is turn on the tap and enjoy the hot water without having wasted a drop!

No es un calentador

WAISENSE COMFORT is an appliance that complements your water heater to make it more efficient.

Is waisense compatible with my home?

WAISENSE COMFORT is compatible with most homes. No need to change pipes, taps or your heater and no need for building work. Your entire home benefits from a single WAISENSE kit.

There are two options depending on the type of home. Answer the three questions to find out which one is BEST for you:

Select the options to find out which version of Waisense is compatible with your home.

These are the products compatible with your home:

Still not clear?

Both the basic kit and the high power kit include an activator, similar to a light switch that is responsible for activating the system, a bypass module, responsible for recirculating the water so that cold water is not wasted, and a power or high power module responsible for pumping water from the plumbing system.

No, a single kit is suitable for the whole house. The bypass module, which is the one that performs the recirculation of the system, is placed at the farthest point of the house, so that all the rooms in between benefit.

Basic plumbing and electrical knowledge is required for the installation of WAISENSE. We recommend that the product be installed by a professional installer. We offer remote technical assistance to your trusted installer.

Yes, we have a network of distributors throughout Spain.

No, WAISENSE does not heat the water, it takes care of bringing the cold water that you would normally throw away, back to the water circulation system. It alerts you when the hot water reaches the point of consumption, without the need to leave the faucet running and wasting water.

No, it is compatible with all types of individual heaters. Depending on the type of heater you may need one version of the product or another.

Yes, while WAISENSE is active you can make normal use of the water.

Yes, to install WAISENSE, no building work is required. It adapts to every home.

At the moment we do not have an option available for these situations. If you are interested please call us and we will study your case for a possible adaptation.

Operation of waisense in a house

WAISENSE with its 3 modules creates a recirculation system that allows the cold water that you would normally throw away to return to the pipes of your home, so that no drop is wasted when you want to use the hot water.

Energy consumption

The cost of WAISENSE COMFORT is minimal compared to other solutions. The savings it produces are greater than the cost generated. It has a positive impact on the environment.

Do you want to know how to install it?

In this link you will find video tutorials on system synchronization, electrical and plumbing installation of the modules that make up WAISENSE.

Módulo de potencia del sistema de ahorro de agua waisense

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