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About the modules

No, only one is required for each hot water branch where you want to have the benefit of the equipment. Branches are usually arranged horizontally (covering the taps on a floor) or vertically (serving several taps aligned in height). Thus, a Bypass Module would be required on each branch that contains at least one tap that the user wishes to have the system service. By installing the Bypass Module at the location furthest away from the heater, the recirculation will pre-heat the main pipe of that water branch. However, if two rooms where water is used are on the same floor, but far apart from each other, the user can add as many Bypass Modules as desired, keeping in mind that each Bypass Module must be synchronised with at least one Activation Module.

Effectively, as long as the Bypass Module is installed at the furthest point of the branch that supplies water to both the kitchen and the bathroom, regardless of where the cycle starts from. When recirculation is activated through the entire branch which, in this case, supplies the kitchen and bathroom, the hot water will be in the main pipe of this branch, pre-heated and ready to be used in any room supplied by this branch.

This sensor measures the temperature of the water flow through the Bypass Module and sends a signal to the Activator Module. This signal can be blue, red or yellow in the Activator Module. Due to its high accuracy, you can sometimes feel hot water in the tap even though the light on the Activator Module still shows a yellow light. The WAISENSE Technology has a programmable cut-off temperature between 25°C and 45°C. If the recirculation process stops, for example, at 44°C (when the user has selected 45°C), the Bypass Module detects that the water temperature setpoint has not yet been reached by displaying a yellow light on the Activator Module. However, a person is not able to measure the water temperature with his hands, therefore, he will feel that the water is hot without having reached the set temperature.

On how it works

No, WAISENSE Technology does not turn off the water. It is in fact the user who keeps the taps closed for the pre-heating cycle to take effect. If we turn on a tap before the cycle is finished, we will have water instantly, just as if we did not have the equipment installed.

The WAISENSE Technology sends the hot water from the heater to the Bypass Module, introducing the water that is below the temperature selected in the Bypass Module – programmable from 25°C to 45°C – back into the cold water pipes. This operation is possible as long as the recirculation circuit remains closed, i.e. as long as there is no water consumption at any point in the installation. If a tap is turned on or an appliance with water is used while the cycle is active, the process will be interrupted, so that no water will be saved until it becomes hot. However, this coincidence is unlikely, as the recirculation cycle takes a maximum of fifteen minutes, so it is rare for both situations to occur simultaneously in the 24 hours of a day. (In case you want to calculate it, the maximum probability is 1 in 480.

The device is perfectly compatible with all types of anti-scale and/or descaling systems on the market, which can actually increase the life of the equipment. Please remember that it is necessary to avoid the accumulation of limescale particles and other sediments inside the modules in order for them to work properly.

Probably not. There are several variables that affect this time: the ambient temperature, the temperature of the pipes and the water inside them at the start of the cycle, the power of the heater, the amount of water to be recirculated, and so on. Moreover, even at the moment of activation, the cycle may not start exactly at the touch of the Activator Module. Like WiFi and other wireless networks, WAISENSE Technology communicates by radio signals with an estimated range of 25 metres. These signals are affected by the surrounding environment: magnetic fields, metallic objects and other influences. As we have already observed with the WiFi signal, it reaches us with greater or lesser power in certain specific and temporary situations. WAISENSE Technology is no stranger to this circumstance, so we have also included a yellow light when the system has not been able to communicate with the other modules. There is no need to be alarmed, as this situation normally goes unnoticed by us users, and WAISENSE Technology returns to communicating perfectly when this disturbance has passed. An intermediate situation is that the blue light remains flashing for a few seconds longer than normal until communication is established.

As elements connected to the power supply, if there is a fault in the electrical installation or if the main switch is cut off, the modules will switch off and remain in the state they were in before the cut off, returning to normal when the supply is restored by being disconnected. During this time, the water supply is not affected.

Not at all. WAISENSE Technology is useful for all hot water consumers with individual water heaters. This includes many shops and public buildings such as gyms, hairdressing salons, hostels, restaurants and many others.

No. WAISENSE Technology does not heat the water, it only uses the heater in your system to bring the hot water to the desired point of consumption.

Installations, boilers or heaters

The current version of WAISENSE Technology is only suitable for homes with individual heaters. This means that, unfortunately, you cannot incorporate WAISENSE Technology in your home without modifying the plumbing network. However, in our experience, these modifications are simple and inexpensive, so don’t hesitate to contact our technicians to get a solution adapted to your needs.

No. WAISENSE Technology is completely independent of the gas installation. The only connections of the WAISENSE Technology to our house are through the water pipes and the mains electricity supply.

Any modification to the original installation where WAISENSE Technology has been validated may affect the performance of the system, any other toilet or appliance. Re-analyse the performance capabilities of the WAISENSE system with respect to such a modification as if it were a new installation, as explained in this document. Finally, check the operation after the change.


No. Even if it could be a consequence of the operating principles of WAISENSE Technology, the device is not designed to increase or improve the output of the water heater but to avoid wasting water.

Yes, the system has an integrated thermostat in the Power and High Power Modules as a safety system. If any anomaly in the installation or in the system itself causes the module temperature to rise to 70°C, it will automatically disconnect from the mains to avoid major problems.


Perfectly. Just think that WAISENSE Technology has been designed precisely to create a recirculation cycle without the need for a secondary hot water branch, using the cold water line as a return. If such a return line exists, you only need a special arrangement of the modules in the installation. As there are many types of recirculation plumbing installations using hot water return pipes, we recommend that you contact our technical service for detailed advice.

Amortisation, maintenance and warranty

The payback depends on several factors: the price of water in your area, the use of hot water in your home and the cost of purchasing and installing the system. As a guideline, a family of four using hot water once a day at an average price per cubic metre of water of €2.527 saves an average of €127.07/year. Thus, the payback period would be between 4-6 years, depending on the characteristics of the installation. In any case, this period is approximately half that of other more established technologies, such as solar panels. But as we say, the virtue of WAISENSE Technology is not only in its economic savings, but also in its environmental savings, meaning for this family of four – around 50,280 litres of drinking water not wasted – and an improvement in their quality of life that they will notice from the first day.

Like any plumbing element, this technology is susceptible to the passage of water and the passage of time. The main enemies of plumbing installations are limescale and other elements that can enter the mains network into the home, such as sand or pebbles. WAISENSE Technology devices have internal filters at the inlet of the Bypass, Power and High Power Modules. In addition, it is recommended to install other filters in the external connections of the modules with the installation of the house. The latter will be the ones we will have to check when the pressure drops, when we have a low flow rate or when we have observed incrustations or other anomalies in the rest of the taps.

The WAISENSE Technology has a two-year factory warranty on any defects it may contain. All terms covered by this warranty are contained in a document accompanying the product.

About the shop and how the website works

In order to complete the registration and purchase through the web shop you need to be a distributor, architecture company or one of the categories included in the registration. If you are a private individual you can access to buy the products through Amazon. 

After submitting your details, we must check that the company exists and corresponds to the data provided. Therefore, registration is not immediate and you must wait for us to send confirmation. 

To purchase WAISENSE Technology, please contact us. You will receive technical and commercial advice, as well as the location of the nearest supplier.