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DigiCirc is a cross-border project supported by the European Union together with a team of complementary partners from across Europe. It is also a three-phase accelerator programme that brings together companies – large and small -, public organisations and researchers to work together to meet an important need: to make our economy more sustainable.

WAISENSE is presented as part of the solutions that make up iMIND, a digital platform connected to devices that perform various functionalities related to making activities more efficient, safe and sustainable in coastal tourist areas.

The programme focuses on 3 thematic areas: circular cities, bioeconomy and blue economy. iMind has been selected for the latter.

iMind - Blue Economy

iMIND is the result of a joint innovative project carried out between the companies Mundos Integrados and Métrica6, in collaboration with the Smart Cities Cluster and the Ministry of Economy and Digital Transformation within the call for innovation projects AEI 2020-2021.

The iMIND technology consists of a combination of digital tools based on AI and Big-data and IoT devices (software + hardware), which provides improvements in water consumption, air quality, safety, quality of life of users and greater control and cost reduction for public and private managers. The data is processed through iMIND’s web-based platform, allowing managers to improve decision making and manage devices remotely to be more agile and efficient. Furthermore, iMIND offers citizens and tourists a mobile application to interact with the installed devices and receive feedback on the positive impact they generate when using them.

The circular economy aims to change the paradigm of the linear economy (produce, use, dispose) to a circular one that converts waste into resources. This involves limiting the use of resources, minimising environmental impacts and increasing the efficiency of product use throughout the product’s life cycle, from production, through consumption, to the management of the waste produced.

iMIND’s solutions are closely linked to the blue economy, as iMIND’s results directly contribute to improving the sustainability and circularity of coastal tourism using digitalisation and, in turn, raise awareness among citizens and tourists of their impact on the ecosystem.

WAISENSE - Monitoring of water savings and consumption.

Among the solutions that make up iMIND, WAISENSE is the monitoring of water savings and consumption. It has different modules that improve the water efficiency of the installations for hot water recirculation, smart irrigation and leakage alert/stop and consumption monitoring.

Hot water recirculation: Avoids the waste of cold water that occurs in showers and sinks while waiting for hot water to reach the desired tap. This is achieved by integrating the devices into the plumbing installation without the need for building work/holes in walls, or adding additional heaters, pipes or tanks.
Intelligent irrigation: Increase the efficiency of irrigation activities, especially important in public green spaces, resorts, etc., by providing real-time data and remote control functions for improved management. This suite of modules includes environmental and soil sensors, valves and other actuators to pinpoint when and how much to water, preventing overwatering.
Leak/stop alert and consumption monitoring: Alerts on the presence of abnormal water consumption and allows it to be stopped automatically or remotely, avoiding large water losses. It also measures the water consumption of the installation in real time. It can be used in holiday homes, hotels, for irrigation and others.

In addition, iMIND’s virtual tool for checking performance and scheduling maintenance operations, or solving problems remotely, will dramatically increase the life expectancy of our systems. Overall, we expect to reduce the amount of materials needed to deliver our value proposition to a certain number of customers and users.