Basic Kit with Self-Installable On-Battery Activator

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Enter the new era of hot water comfort, savings and sustainability with this BASIC KIT WITH SELF-INSTALLABLE ON-BATTERY ACTIVATOR. Recommended for homes or businesses of up to 90m2 and individual storage heaters: electric, solar, fuel and similar.

It is Self-installable, you can easily install it yourself.

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The Waisense Comfort Basic Kit with Self-installable On-Battery Activator consists of a Power Module, a Bypass Module and a On-Battery Activator Module. Accessories for installation are included in the kit. Each module has different features and content.


  • Tacos: Yes
  • Screws: Yes
  • Number of idler couplings: Yes, 4 (1/2″)
  • Framework: Yes
  • Beacon Model: GALINDO – Sky
  • Enrobing lids: No
  • Plugs: No


  • Module weight 3,5kg
  • Power supply 230V
  • Frequency 50-60Hz
  • Current 0,65A
  • Power cable (3m-3×1,5mm2):
    • BLUE: Neutral
    • BLACK or BROWN: Phase
    • GREEN-YELLOW: Earth
  • Maximum power 100W
  • Nominal power 90W
  • Minimum power 46W
  • Standby power <2W
  • Maximum head 6m.w.c.
  • Maximum flow 40l/min
  • Maximum allowable pressure 800kPa
  • Working temperature 0-35°C
  • Thermostat protection limit 70°C
  • Maximum allowed temperature 110°C
  • Estimated communication coverage 25m


  • Module weight 0,95kg
  • Power supply 110-240V
  • Frequency 50-60Hz
  • Current 34mA
  • Power cable (3 m-2×0.75mm2):
    • BLUE: Neutral
    • BLACK or BROWN: Phase
  • Maximum power 5W
  • Standby power <1W
  • Maximum flow 80l/min
  • Maximum allowable pressure 800kPa
  • Working temperature 0-35°C
  • Final cycle temperature 25-45°C
  • Estimated communication coverage 25m


  • Module weight 0.4 kg
  • Power supply 3V
  • Battery type AA/LR6
  • Number of batteries 4
  • Working temperature 0-35°C
  • Estimated communication range 25m

Additional information

Weight 5,5 kg


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