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PROGRAMME: HORIZONTE 2020 – SME Instrument Phase I

AGENCY: European Commission

DOSSIER: 735933

ANNUALITY: 2016-2017


SME Instrument Phase I has helped us to develop one of the innovation areas within WAISENSE. It deals with the analysis of the economic viability and environmental impact of the implementation of this technology in different regions.

In this programme, we analysed the application of WAISENSE technology in various European regions, such as the United Kingdom and Germany, among others, with emphasis on the compatibility of the system with respect to the construction and installation regulations in force in these countries, as well as other technical, legal and commercial conditioning factors.

The result obtained shows that this type of technology is perfectly compatible with the construction standards of these regions, with some minor modifications to be taken into account, such as a different type of power cabling for the Anglo-Saxon market. Likewise, due to the consumption in both regions, the environmental impact (balance between water consumption -saved- and the electrical consumption of the device) is higher than the Spanish average.