Self-installable Bypass Module

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The Self-Installable Bypass Module connects the hot and cold water branches at the designated point of use. This connection is made by a solenoid valve that opens during the heating cycle and closes at the end of the heating cycle.

It is Self-installable, so you can easily install it yourself.

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The Waisense Comfort Self-Installable Bypass Module complements the Self-Installable High Power Kit, Self-Installable Basic Kit, Self-Installable Basic Kit with On-Battery Activator, Self-Installable High Power Kit with On-Battery Activator, Self-Installable Expansion Kit or the Self-Installable Expansion Kit with On-Battery Activator.


  • Tacos: Yes
  • Screws: Yes
  • Number of Locking Nipples: Yes, 2 (1/2″)
  • Trim Caps: No
  • Plugs: No


  • Weight 0.95kg
  • Voltage 110-240V
  • Frequency 50-60Hz
  • Intensity 34mA
  • Wiring (3m – 2×0.75mm2):
    • BLUE: Neutral
    • BLACK OR BROWN: Phase
  • Maximum Power 5W
  • Standby Power <1W
  • Maximum operating flowrate 80l/min
  • Maximum operating pressure 800kPa
  • Operating temperature range 0-35°C
  • Selectable cycle ending temperature 25-45°C
  • Estimated wireless communication range: 25m

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Weight 1 kg


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